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Investee Companies 4754
Average investment (M$) 11.29
Investors (any) 1731
Investors (head office) 1730
Rounds, by investor
Round Number Average size (M$) Average age at investment (years)
Total 6824 13.79 5.2
Seed 149 0.91 2.3
A 1238 9.61 3.5
B 955 16.13 5.3
C 579 21.43 6.6
D+ 419 23.95 8.3
Southern hemisphere

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Click on coloured territories to bring up statistics on those territories. Rounds' are classified by the location of the investor, not the investee company. Numbers do not always add up because not all rounds are declared as 'A', 'B' etc., and not all rounds have an invested amount declared. See 'help' (click on right) for more details on how values are calculated and for references..

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